• Production concept


    specializing in details,

    with our own high-end

    production line,

    batch name GODKILLER.

  • First-hand channels

    We have foundry resources for various brands such as Vietnam, China, India, etc. To get the information on official future release & upcoming sneakers and early leak products within the shortest time. includes access to raw materials and archive resources to facilitate the subsequent development and production of high-quality products.

  • Synchronized techology

    We have mature factories for sneaker soles, sewing factories, combination factories and other kinds of supporting factories.

    At the same time, we have introduced high-end imported equipment such as original sewing machines, forming lines, and gluing machines.The employees in the factory who have experience in the production of brand OEMs account for more than 70% of the total employees. The employees are equipped with experienced production supervisors from several brand foundries.

  • Focus on Size 14:

    For each product,

    as long as we can get the correct size 14 file data,

    we will spend extra

    costs for production.

    Refuse to sell kicks

    with fake size.


To be the head of the industry and have enough fans who recognized our products. We hope to launch the shoes that really belong to KW brand.


The high-end replicas in the sneaker market 70% is (Godkiller) from Kickwho.